What Causes Memory Loss?

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

This is a common question that all too many people answer incorrectly. The comprehensive answer is that there are many causes of memory loss, most of which are completely treatable, and all of which are manageable to some degree. Many, however, assume that all recall deficits are due to Alzheimer's Disease and therefore, such symptoms must indicate a dire medical condition. While it is true that Alzheimer's Disease is one of the leading contributors to memory loss, there are many other, more benign conditions such as depression, thyroid disease, and anxiety to name just a few, that commonly impair memory and can be easily treated by a physician.

There is a good summary of medical conditions that cause memory loss and their respective treatments at www.PreventAD.com (which is an educational website, supported by Medical Care Corporation).

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