The Value of Memory Tests

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

In the news today you may read about the value of memory tests for identifying subtle memory loss at an early and more treatable stage. The findings are published in Neurology by a team of researchers at Oxford University.

In the study, the research team followed healthy volunteers for 20 years and assessed their memory at regular intervals. For those whose cognition eventually declined, the scientists were able to look back and identify specific, measurable signs of diminishing memory and language skills.

These findings are consistent with our understanding that many conditions that impair cognition, particularly Alzheimer's disease, follow a long course that slowly damages the brain. The findings are important because they speak to the potential for very accurate tests that detect subtle changes to facilitate much earlier intervention and better treatment results. Currently, most causes of dementia go undiagnosed for many years while unnecessary brain damage accumulates irreversibly.

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