Treating Alzheimer's Disease Without Drugs

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

One of the common themes in this blog is that "current treatment for Alzheimer's disease is better than many headlines indicate".

We write this because the argument against treatment efficacy is almost always framed through the narrow lens of drug-based interventions when, in reality, drugs are only one part of the most effective approach. A robust approach includes management of risk factors like smoking and excessive drinking, controlling co-morbid conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, proper diet, physical exercise, and both social and intellectual engagement.

We also point out that many reports of poor treatment efficacy are based on studies of Alzheimer's patients in whom the disease is too far progressed, and the brain too ravaged, for treatment to have a fair chance at working.

There is an additional area of treatment that has shown impressive efficacy and should be emphasized as well; it is psychosocial interventions. These include care-giver education, structured communication techniques, home safety, family counseling, and problem resolution. The results have been clear; caregivers who know what to expect and how best to deal with problems as they emerge, are less stressed, less depressed, and more effective in giving care. The result is healthier patients who maintain higher quality of life and a prolonged ability to avoid institutionalized care.

The Huffington Post has a great summary today of this approach and I encourage all readers to click through and to share this with their interested peers.
A better understanding and more awareness of Alzheimer's related issues can impact personal health decisions and generate significant impact across a population of aging individuals. Please use the share buttons below to spread this educational message as widely as possible.


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