More Encouraging News about Dementia Education

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation
As I noted here last week, an educational campaign sponsored by the Alzheimer's Society seemed to be sensitizing the public to the importance of seeking medical attention to discuss memory concerns. This comment was based on a survey of people in the UK who reported that their likelihood of seeing a physician about a memory concern was increased after seeing the advertising campaign.

In news today, physicians have reported an actual increase in the number of patients coming to them with suspicion of a memory disorder. This provides encouraging further evidence that the campaign will have a meaningful impact on the health of the UK's aging population.

As earlier facts presented in this blog make clear, educating the public and catalyzing earlier intervention against memory impairing medical conditions looks to be one of the most effective strategies in combating the growing prevalence of dementia. I hope we can all support and implement a similar approach in the USA.

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  1. I have long thought that the "public" has a difficult time with the distinction between Alzheimer's and memory loss, and that if Alzheimer's is advertising, then many people are afraid and they will decline. There needs to be more emphasis on routine screening for memory issues because it could be a host of ailments such as depression, Vitamin deficiencies, etc. This has also been my experience with physicians too. Maybe it is asking too much.