Dimebon Study Fully Enrolled

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

Medivation, Inc. has announced that the phase III FDA trial for Dimebon is now fully enrolled.

This is encouraging because the full enrollment was achieved briskly at a time when many trials are competing for the same patients. Overall, it indicates rising interest and increasing optimism about treatment options for Alzheimer's disease.

Dimebon, which we described in earlier posts, is manufactured by Medivation and, if approved, will be jointly marketed with Pfizer.


  1. The CONCERT study on dimebon is calling for participants here in Australia.
    For participants interested the AU free hot-line is 1-800-235-526.
    We've created a small blog, tracking the local coverage here in Australia about the trial.
    Much thanks,
    Mirina from Dateline Media Group

  2. Good suggestion Mirna - will get an update posted shortly.