Straight Talk About AD Prevention and Cure

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

Published online today by Scientific American is a fantastic interview with P. Murali Doraiswamy, a leading researcher in the Alzheimer's field and an occasional contributor to this blog.

In the interview, Doraiswamy succinctly summarized some misconceptions about AD treatment and described the need for earlier intervention against this disease. He also commented on some promising research in both the diagnostic and treatment fields.

I especially appreciated, and want to emphasize, his careful distinction between "curable" and "treatable" as these terms pertain to AD. His comment is captured here:
The larger point is that while Alzheimer’s is still incurable it’s not untreatable. There are four FDA-approved medications available for treating Alzheimer symptoms and many others in clinical trials. Strategies to enhance general brain and mental wellbeing can also help people with Alzheimer’s. That’s why early detection is so important.
As the age structure of the population continues its march upward, it is imperative that we raise general awareness about the benefits of earlier detection. Articles like this can be very useful in accomplishing that goal and I encourage all of you to read it and to share it with others.

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