Memory Walks

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

Each fall, the National Alzheimer's Association helps to coordinate hundreds of local Memory Walks in the nation's communities. These walks raise funds for ongoing research and support programs and do a great deal to raise awareness of the growing prevalence of Alzheimer's disease.

I encourage each and every reader of this blog to consider participating in a memory walk this year. Aside from the obvious benefits of participating in such a good cause, they are extremely inspiring events with many participants walking in the memory of a loved one. The atmosphere is always charged with emotion and touching tributes.

Also, because one of the biggest barriers to better care in this field is late detection of the problem, we really need to start lifting the stigma that prevents many people from seeking care when their symptoms are very subtle. These memory walks are fantastic vehicles for destroying that stigma. Nearly every person in the crowd will have cared for a loved one with the disease or lost a loved one to the disease. There are also a fair number of Alzheimer's patients who participate and advocate for greater visibility.

Overall, I am a strong supporter of the memory walk events and feel that they bring more than just important funds to this problem. They bring visibility and education to a growing number of citizens each year and I hope each of you will consider participating and contributing to one of these programs this year.

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