Poor Vascular Health is Bad for Your Brain

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

We are virtually swimming (if not drowning) in the evidence that managing your vascular health may be the best approach to maintaining a healthy brain. In the past few days, I have blogged about several studies on this topic and many more have been published in the scientific literature.

To emphasize this important theme, here is a quick review of the very recent evidence:
  • This study out of UCLA and published in Human Brain Mapping showed a strong link between obesity and less brain tissue.
  • According to Helpguide.org and many other sources, vascular disease follows Alzheimer's disease as the second leading cause of dementia.
  • As described in this post about strokes, one may be quite different from another but all impair cognition and vascular risk factors almost always play a role.
  • Diet and exercise matter for both vascular and cognitive health. This has been repeatedly verified through careful research and will continue to be a popular theme in the news.
  • This study out of the University of Alabama and published in Neurology showed that high blood pressure is linked to memory loss.
  • In surprising news, Kaiser Permanente published research showing that even borderline high cholesterol significantly raised the risk of dementia.
The facts are abundant. Please take care of your vascular health and keep that brain functioning at a high level.

A better understanding and more awareness of Alzheimer's related issues can impact personal health decisions and generate significant impact across a population of aging individuals. Please use the share button below to spread this educational message as widely as possible.


  1. Dennis,
    I'm a new reader via Eldercare Talk. Interesting article about vascular health and the functioning of our brains.

  2. My husband has recently gone into assisted living because he has vascular dementia. For years he had untreated high blood pressure which thickened the blood vessels in his heart and brain. His condition is text book for vascular dementia.

  3. My father's dementia was due to untreated high blood pressure and carotid artery disease, also untreated. His decline was rapid even though I tried to get him help there was not that could be done to slow the process at that point.I still cannot fathom that this may have been avoidable.

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