A Daily Walk is Surprisingly Good for Your Brain

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

We often cite research that correlates physical fitness with brain health. Surveys have shown, however, that many read the phrase "physical fitness" and conjure images of gym memberships and grueling workouts. Such a perspective may be a deterrent for those who assume that minimally intense workouts yield no benefits.

This post aims to dispel the notion that only an intense physical exercise is helpful.

Research published online yesterday in Neurology shows that a brief regular walk may meaningfully reduce the likelihood Alzheimer's disease. Specifically, the research showed a significant correlation between walking regularly and maintaining the volume of gray matter in the brain throughout later adulthood. More importntnly, walking regularly was negatively correlated with incidence of cognitive impairment.

This evidence is very consistent with other studies that have shown a daily walk of a mile or so can be part of a fantastic regimen for long-term health. In this regard, the Alzheimer's Association's tradition of holding "memory walks" to raise awareness about the disease is especially apropos.

Walk forth and be well.
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