Stem Cells for Treating Brain Disorders

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

Stem cell research has a controversial past, a murky present, and a bright future.

While there has been heated debate about the ethics of harvesting stem cells for research, all but the most ardent critics seem to be acceptig that there are morally sound approaches to such work.  Furthermore, a strong case can be made that, to ignore the great promise of life changing benefits that stem cell research might yield, would give rise to equally profound moral questions.

A great overview of the issue, and how stem cell research is marching steadily toward better treatments for Alzheimer's disease was published last week by Northwestern University.  In a Q&A session with Dr. John Kessler, this article succinctly explains his work, the current challenges, and the bright future of stem cell-based therapy for a host of daunting medical conditions.

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