5 Reasons to Support World Alzheimer's Day

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

What's with every disease and medical condition having a day or month geared toward raising awareness?  Are such efforts effective? Wouldn't it be better to put our time and energy into new treatments and cures?

Those are fair questions.

Here's a link to a great argument in support of Alzheimer's awareness, and why awareness matters.  The article explains how heightened awareness can drive real benefits in five important ways, each of which are carefully explained in the full article:

1. Low Awareness drives higher medical costs
2. Awareness facilitates timely medical intervention and better treatment outcomes
3. Awareness erodes stigma and further enables timely medical intervention
4. Awareness and management of risk factors can lower incidence of Alzheimer's disease
5. Awareness accelerates scientific progress

It is easy to overlook “awareness” as an important part of the solution to the Alzheimer’s problem. This is especially true given the clear need for better treatment. However, a little reflection on the benefits of awareness, weighed against the relative ease with which we can spread information today, shows the massive benefits of greater awareness.

Awareness matters. Please do your part to increase awareness by clicking through, and then reading and sharing the article with your online social networks.

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