Long-Distance Caregiving

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

An aging population is the macro-driver of the trend toward increased demand for caregiving.  Within that trend, it is cognitie impairment, or declining brain health that is really fueling the growth.  A such, caregiving is a topic we watch closely in this blog.

As the geographically dispersed, sandwich generation is increasingly called upon to provide care for an aging parent or relative, long-distance caregiving is also gaining prevalence.  Performing this role from afar comes with its own set of challenges, and I am pleased to direct today's readers to the an article posted by Medical E-Compare, a marketer of medical insurance products.

The article offer tips for caregiving from a distance and features a set of practical suggestions for those finding themselves in this role, along with links to additional reources.

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  1. Great post, Dennis. I have been taking care of my grandmother now that my parents moved down south to save money. we'd love to take her with them but we're worried at the level of knowledge people have there. We'd need to find someone with good echocardiography training alone, and that's not even talking about phlebology.