A Basic Science Breakthrough for AD Treatment

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

The current issue of Nature has a publication on the discovery of how brain cells function in the process of storing a memory. This research from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute is exciting and is receiving broad coverage in the media.

It is exciting as our basic understanding of the brain advances because it brings us closer to finding solutions for the many diseases and disorders that impair function. It is always useful however, to stay aware of the process from "discovery of new information" to "a commercial product that benefits health".

As Dr. Rafii described earlier, there are many steps along the FDA path and several years will generally pass before a breakthrough in basic science, like this discovery at HHMI, finds its way into the health care system.

This is exciting but don't let some of the more sensational headlines fool you into thinking that the cure for Alzheimer's disease has been found.

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