Dimebon: Trials Planned for Huntington's Disease

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

Dimebon, a potential new agent for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, is now enrolling a Phase III clinical trial (the CONNECTION study). If you are over age 50 and have been diagnosed with AD but are not taking other prescription AD medications, you may be eligible to participate.

If interested, please visit the CONNECTION site linked above for more details.

Interestingly, Dimebon has also shown safety and efficacy in a Phase II trial for treatment of Huntington's disease. This agent is being developed in the USA by Medivation and they are currently in the planning process to conduct additional efficacy trials for treating Huntington's disease later this year. (For a review of the necessary steps to gain FDA approval, see Dr. Rafii's earlier post here.)

We will keep you posted as further news is released.


  1. It is important for patients and families affected by diseases such as Alzheimer's to consider participating in clinical studies.

    Another study to consider for Alzheimer’s is the ICARA (Bapi) study (www.icarastudy.com), whose goal is to explore if an investigational drug, called Bapineuzumab, can help slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease. Current therapies for Alzheimer's treat the symptoms associated with it, not the disease itself.

  2. Thanks Tracy - Dr. Rafii has provided a short overview about Bapineuzumab and I will direct readers to the ICARA study soon.

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