Worrying about Memory Loss: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

A recent study out of NC State University in Raleigh has been generating a lot of headlines this week.

This study, based on a small sample of subjects, suggested that worrying about memory loss as a result of aging might indeed lead to a decline in memory function. Theoretically, these findings are well grounded and considered "unsurprising" to researchers in this field.

The good news is that being well-informed is the best antidote to excessive worrying. In that regard, readers of the BRAIN Today blog are preparing themselves for healthy brain function today and tomorrow.


  1. I'm not worring about memory loss, I have it. People at home are making rude comments and people at work have said, "I don't know if you remember or not but". I can't remember things 5 minutes ago, I'm getting confused and I never think I have enough time to get something done so I don't do a lot of things. I work part time for a real estate office (14 yrs.) I'm better at work and less productive at home. I'm a 56 yr. old women, drink 1-1/2 cps of coffee a day, don't drink (maybe wine once a mo.), eat healthy, no fast food, lots of veggies, not much been..once a wk maybe, walk the dog a half hr. briskly 5-7 days a wk, ride a bike, dance w/Dancing With The Stars, 5' 120 lbs, married, one 22 yr. old son w/ADD, anxiety, social skill issues, nasty tempermant from father's family. I've watched Dr. Daniel Amen on Chnl 2. throughout the winter, got his Magnificent Mind book and 10 CD set of same. What wonderful work he's doing. I need to find someone on the East Coast that can help my son's and my issues. Could you tell me if Neuro Memory or Brain Vitale have side effects, what they might be and how many a day I could take of which one or both? Thx, Rhonda

  2. To Rhonda,

    The best way to find a physician in your area capable of helping you and your son is to contact the local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Although Alzheimer's is not likely to be the problem with either of you, the Association can refer you to a physician who specializes in diagnosing the symptoms you have described. Here is the contact info for your local chapter:

    170 U.S. Route 1, Suite 250,
    Falmouth, ME 04105
    Phone 207.772.0115

    Good luck!