Alzheimer's Drug Fails Phase III Trial

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

One of Eli Lilly's late-stage Alzheimer's drugs, the gamma-secretase inhibitor Semagacestat, has failed its Phase III FDA trial and the company has halted its development. This announcement today was somewhat expected by the research community as other gamma-secretase inhibitors, namely Flurizan (Myriad Genetics), had also been deemed ineffective in a large trial.

While this is disappointing news, the overall trend of scientific progress in the field of Alzheimer's is clearly positive. New guidelines have been proposed that will facilitate earlier intervention and better treatment results. New diagnostic tests are showing greater accuracy and bode well for more certainty in clinical practice. And perhaps most importantly, the pipeline of treatments under development is full of promising agents.

An updated summary of the current FDA pipeline for Alzheimer's treatments will be posted here later in the week.

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