Brain Health Ranked by State

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation
This might surprise you.

A study that ranks each of the 50 US states (and the District of Columbia) on brain health has a high concentration of rural states near the top.

The rankings were based on the following criteria:
  • Diet and nutrition: A healthy diet that is low in saturated fat and added sugar but rich in brain-enhancing foods such as good fats like DHA omega-3, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and algal DHA supplements.
  • Physical health: Staying physically active for at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week and making wise lifestyle decisions such as getting enough sleep and not smoking.
  • Mental health: Continually challenging the brain through activities such as game playing, creative pursuits like gardening, dancing or painting, or learning a new language or skill.
  • Social well-being: Nurturing human connections and engaging in social activities to give life purpose, such as volunteering.
To avoid the confusion that many commenters have noted, the graphic of the states above is merely an icon for "the states", it has no meaning in terms of brain health.  Please, click this link to view the complete state rankings.


  1. What do the colors mean?

  2. So, was this just a way to sucker people into donating to the site it links to?

  3. Dear Anonymous - the intent was to educate readers about factors that affect brain health, without selling anything, and without suckering anyone into donating anything.

  4. This map is ridiculous! Where is the legend to understand what the colors mean? Is this to make us think our brains aren't working properly?

  5. This is a checkerboard, not a graph. A graph has some meaning.

  6. I have amended the posting above to clarify that the graphic of the states is merely an icon, not a graph of how the states fared. As indicated, the actual rankings are a mere click away.

  7. Thank you Mr. Fortier for such an excellent and informative presentation that every intelligent person should be able to clearly understand. For those who you wh merely think you are intelligent: please read the following very carefully....
    I thought intelligent people at least read the instructions before jumping to conclusions. So for those of you who seem to think there is no info here..step by step instructions are as follows-1. click on the words state rankings in the last paragraph, then on the page that takes you to is step 2. click the words that say rank-order list, they are in the last sentence of the last paragraph...we are now at step 3, click on the state on the map that you want, and you will find all sorts of intresting info on this topic.....WOW..that wasn't so hard was it??? I can't believe that no one thought to actually read the info is clearly understandable and very easy----surely everyone doesn't rely on pictures and graphs to obtain all the info they need----if so, no wonder this world is filled with idiots.

  8. oh yeah...lets just say that the above posting was by anonymous #2-- so there is no confusion about who posted what here ok

  9. Not very clear to me. Anon number 3.