Perspectives on Health and Retirement

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation
We have written previously in this space about the relationship between retirement and dementia. A fascinating new study shows that, in general, retirement is often less enjoyable than what many expected prior to retiring.

Most of the differences, as summarized in this report, are related to poor health and the costs of healthcare.  Given the central importance of cognitive health on overall fitness and the costs of medical care, the conclusions in the report may resonate with readers of this blog.

While many correctly anticipate the ways their lives will change in retirement, about a quarter of retirees say that life after retirement is worse than it was prior.  As noted, poor health is a common theme in that reality.

Fortunately, there is also good evidence that a high number of retirement-aged individuals are engaging in sound, health preserving strategies like those you constantly read about here.

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  1. well I am completely agree that happened because these people take care of their health always