6 Ways to Lower Your Risks for Alzheimer's

We cannot yet cure Alzheimer's disease but we can manage the risk factors, reduce it's likelihood and, for some, prevent it through delay. That is, if one can push back the onset of symptoms beyond life expectancy, one can effectively avoid its wrath.

The U.S. News and World Report recently published an excellent summary of the most beneficial steps one can take to reduce the risks of Alzheimer's and dementia. I will give away the findings here but encourage you to click through and view the slide show which is well done and conveys the message effectively.

6 Ways to Lower Your Risks for Alzheimer's:
  1. Physical Activity
  2. Weight Control
  3. Mental Challenges
  4. Social Connections
  5. Healthy Diet
  6. Chronic Disease Control
Much of this advice is good for overall health but it is perhaps additionally motivating to understand the close relationship between maintaining physical health and mental health.

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