Youthful Aging?

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

This is not intended to be a plug for any particular commercial enterprise but it is a story worth reading and a message worth spreading.

Many care givers are thrust into that role by the sudden decline of a loved one. Generally, there is no training, no expertise, and no real playbook for these good people to follow. While many do it alone or with the help of other family members, some rely in part on home health care agencies. This can provide a modicum of professionalism to the approach but often times (of course not always) the upgrade is dismally small.

The home health care industry is fairly unregulated and has sprung up quite quickly as our population has begun to age. As such, it is quite easy to find that the workers in this industry are well-intentioned but not always much better trained than the family care givers I described above.

Today I saw a news release about one particular company called Youthful Aging. I have no idea if they are reputable, capable, or competent and the point of this blog is not to promote their business. The point is, however, to promote the message they carry.

Here is their message: Often times, seniors are capable of much more than either they or their care givers would have expected. They can learn, improve, heal, and regain abilities. All it takes is the right approach and a positive mindset. Certainly, miracle recoveries are not in the cards for all but when care giving is dispensed with nihilism, outcomes are most probably less positive than they could otherwise be.

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