A Short Course in Alzheimer's Disease

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

There are lots of facts and figures published about Alzheimer's Disease along with many articles, editorials, and overviews. Whereas a brief overview should capture the disease from a distant perspective, a longer write up can tackle more detail. Many of the publications I see do not adhere to that simple approach and I often see wordy websites with very little information or short blurbs that open a topic that cannot be appropriately treated with such brevity.

I noticed this recent summary from the Ethiopian Review which, in my opinion, has struck the perfect balance. If you want a two-pager on the causes, risks, symptoms, and treatments of Alzheimer's disease, written in a straight forward and understandable manner, with nary a wasted word, then this is for you.

As we write here often, education and awareness about Alzheimer's disease will help to reduce the stigma of memory loss and promote more timely intervention. Please share this information with your online networks using the share button below.

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