Head Injuries and Memory Loss

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

There has been lots of research into the relationship between head injuries and brain health despite the fact that the connection should be obvious. The purpose of such research is generally not to determine whether or not a relationship exists but to better understand the nature of the relationship and to gain insight into how the brain protects and repairs itself.

Earlier this week I noted a well written summary of evidence that football (both American football and soccer) contributes decidedly to poor cognitive health among the game's participants. While any particular study in this field, with a narrow focus and perhaps a baby step of insight, might be easy to ignore, a compilation of the evidence as presented in the linked article is quite compelling.

You probably cannot get through life without bumping your head a few times but choosing to play contact sports ought to be done with a full understanding of the likely impact on the long-term health of the brain.

A better understanding and more awareness of Alzheimer's related issues can impact personal health decisions and generate significant impact across a population of aging individuals. Please use the share button below to spread this educational message as widely as possible.

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