Global Dementia Burden Underestimated

Contributed by: Dennis Fortier, President, Medical Care Corporation

Just when you thought the threat of Alzheimer's and dementia had been fully recognized and emphasized in the media, a report from King's College in London suggests otherwise.

According to their study, published as part of the World Alzheimer's Report, more than 115 million people will be demented by the year 2050. Previous estimates compiled in 2005 had the figure at about 100 million. According to Professor Martin Price, the earlier figures had underestimated the problem in South Asia and Latin America where life expectancy is advancing.
"The current investment in research, treatment and care is actually quite disproportionate to the overall impact of the disease on people with dementia, the carers, on health and social care systems, and on society." Professor Martin Prince, King's College London
Importantly, this upward revision of the figures suggests that current global investment and research efforts, which are widely considered to be inadequate, are even more so than previously believed.

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